EDC Acoustics Announces Room Tuning Program, ‘Rapid’


EDC Acoustics announced Rapid, a room tuning program designed exclusively with EDC Acoustics products. The company says Rapid provides for augmented reality loudspeaker configuration and setup through visual confirmation of defined audience coverage areas and real-time acoustical analysis and loudspeaker optimization.

Instead of using augmented reality, EDC Acoustics says the new Rapid app utilizes preset configurations to analyze and optimize EDC Acoustic loudspeakers rapidly. Additionally, Rapid enables users to deploy custom dispersion configurations by simply entering the room or audience dimensional information (back audience width, front audience width, back row distance, first-row distance, speaker height, offset, etc.). This allows users to “quickly define and commission an EDC loudspeaker system” in just a few minutes, according to the company.

EDC Acoustics says the Rapid app uses the same backend as the Pro version. Still, it matches over 40 different energy curves for each cross-section of the audience — applying the most appropriate energy skew, dispersion angle and non-symmetrical offset to match each cross-section in both the horizontal and vertical axis. The company says this ensures all audience spaces are matched in terms of both sound pressure levels and frequency response —typically within +/-2dB of accuracy for all audience members. Equally notable, it does this while minimizing energy directed outside the defined room/audience shape — minimizing room reverberation, reflections and environmental noise spill.

According to EDC Acoustic, Rapid also “predicts the frequency response and level of over 2,000 locations within the defined audience area,” and the user can send a test sweep signal to be measured by the inbuilt iOS microphone that allows for comparative analysis of predicted VS measured frequency response and sound pressure level. This facilitates “high accuracy,” as the error is fed back through algorithms to ensure precision. A real-world system FIR filter is provided, allowing the operator to tune the speakers to perfectly match the acoustics of any space and automatically deploy a FIR filter within seconds that is naturally phase linear.

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The company says Rapid supports mono and stereo EDC Loudspeaker arrays of any size. It also supports no sub, mono sub and stereo sub configurations. All EDC Acoustics algorithms and system optimizations work for both full range speakers and sub arrays of three or more boxes.