Disney Debuts HoloTile; a Game Changer in both VR and MR Gaming And Maybe Live Events Too!

disney holotiles

Usually, Disney is very secretive with the new tech it develops but, in this case, it wants brands to make it better, faster and start integrating with it in real-life VR environments. It’s called HoloTile.

So, here’s the scenario … You develop a VR or XR game — one where the players wear either a VR headset or the new Apple VisionPro headset. These games can transport you anywhere. But, while wearing a traditional VR headset that either blinds you to the real-world around you by covering your eyes or, in the case of Apple’s, partially obstructs your view; either way, you have to be careful and not move — so as not to injure yourself by running into furniture or into a wall.

Not with HoloTile. HoloTile creates a moving floor, one where you are physically staying in the same place but still walking, running, or shuffling forward, climbing, walking backward, or even side-to-side. Watch this video to understand what I am saying:

Now you get it?

Imagine presenters wanting a virtual stage that never moves. Or, adding this to live performances on Broadway — or even corporate launches. This is truly game-changing …