Vanco Ships Vanco Evolution 4K HDMI Wireless Extender


Vanco is shipping the Vanco Evolution 4K HDMI Wireless Extender with HDMI Loop-Out. The company says the EV4KWHDMI 4K Wireless HDMI Extender is a wireless solution that delivers 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 video up to 154 feet (50m), as well as uncompressed 2.0 channel LPCM audio. No line of sight is required: signals from the EV4KWHDMI traverse walls and floors as easily as Wi-Fi, leveraging SSID pairing and channel switching to avoid interference with other RF signals. The extender features IR control signal passthrough, allowing the user to control the HDMI source remotely from the display. The EV4KWHDMI also has an HDMI loop-out on the transmitter, allowing the integrator to set up local monitoring or cascade the signal to additional AV distribution devices, according to Vanco.