Vivitek Adds Novo DS110/DS310 Simple to Use Digital Signage Players to Lineup

vivitek DS110 DS310

Vivitek just debuted the Novo DS110/DS310 digital signage player that can connect via HDMI to any display in portrait and landscape in 4K@60Hz and dual 4K@30Hz Video decoding. Designed to be easy to deploy — due to the integrated WiFi & Ethernet connection – the series offers interactive signage for a better engagement/two-way interaction with its GPIO (DS310 only) control. This provides access to a greater number of practical applications while facilitating the building of interactive signage applications.

The DS110 is aimed at small business and retailers as well as schools and colleges, corporate business environments and visitor attractions like museums and galleries. It offers more processing power to accommodate more advanced signage solutions (e.g. GPIO, HDMI In, more advanced playlist layouts, etc). Like the DS110, the DS310 is compatible with other solutions from Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem – which comprises Add-On Devices, All-in-One Solutions, Launcher, Software / Cloud / App – in a stylish design that’s well-suited to professional environments. Both benefit from a sturdy metal case, which is the most effective material for heat dissipation, enabling the DS110/DS310 to operate for 24hrs without overheating, while carefully designed brackets make it easy to mount in a variety of locations.

Both of the DS models take advantage of NovoDS Studio Express. Pre-installed on both models, it further enhances the user experience and has been designed to provide instant access to signage content. NovoDS Studio Express enables users to intuitively update or create new digital signage on the spot, via a web browser. In addition to its ease-of-use, NovoDS Studio Express has been developed with security in mind, only enabling authorised users to update messaging with the latest information using mobile or desktop devices.

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Here’s a video we shot of it at ISE 2024:

It is also easy to stream content via Dropbox, Google Drive, one Drive, FTP and Samba, while users can define a dedicated area or a full screen and control its diffusion by adding the content they want to appear on the screen; this can range from photos to PDFs, video and text. Boosting flexibility further, both the DS110/DS310 are compatible with USB Flash Drives and SD Cards. Meanwhile, the Open Software APIs (Application Programming Interface) accommodates custom applications that require machine-to-machine communication between IT systems, AV systems, and more.

Day to day use is further simplified by the Central Management function, which enables users to manage one or more DS110/DS310 devices from a single computer over network. This eases the synchronisation of playlists, monitoring playback, and so on. The devices also support a wide range of dynamic content from text to audio, photos and videos, webpages, Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, RSS, weather and IP streaming, etc.